How I can help

Daniel Padden’s WhirlyGig | Red Bridge Arts & Catherine Wheels Theatre Company. Image (c) Mihaela Bodlovic

Communications strategy

This is the who are you / who do you want to speak to / why bit. Once you’re crystal clear on this, then the rest is the roll-out. Obvious, really, but it does take careful consideration.

I can lead workshops and facilitate discussions with you and your team to figure this out, then present a plan, budget and timeline.

Social media & digital marketing

Social media is a tool which is invaluable to arts organisations today. Yes. it’s free to use, but to use it well takes time, creativity, and a well thought-out strategy to discern what, where and how often you post. I implement analytics tools, to report on ROI and refine the content. I’ve managed the social media accounts for Jupiter Artland, Catherine Wheels Theatre Company, Civic Digits and Red Bridge Arts.

PR & Press

I’ve built up a strong contact list of bloggers, journalists, press photographers, editors and listing sites, so we can get the right press covering your story. I can write and distribute your press release and co-ordinate press photo ops. I can also help manage sensitive PR situations.

Edinburgh Festivals

Edinburgh has eleven official Festivals – I’ve worked across most of them, including Edinburgh International Festival, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, Edinburgh Art Festival and Edinburgh Science Festival. They’re an entity unto themselves and require experience, understanding and sharp elbows to get your show seen in one of the most competitive performing arts markets in the world.

Tour marketing

From rural tours across Scottish village halls, to residencies in London’s Southbank Centre, I can manage the marketing and comms for your tour. This includes liaising and
supporting the venues’ in-house marketing teams, co-ordinating print design/ delivery, contacting regional press, and even box-office set-up.

Content Creation

I’m self-taught in InDesign, Canva, IMovie and Photoshop, and I use them all on a regular basis. I’m comfortable designing eye-catching and on-brand social media content, print materials and website content. For larger jobs, I know many brilliant creatives who can, including illustrators, website designers, graphic designers and photographers, who I am comfortable commissioning and providing art direction for.

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